About you and us 🙂

Looking for more personal time?

Are you tired of always working and studying, all to barely keep up with the people around you?

Welcome to NPF (Never Past Five, short for Never Work Past Five Again), a website dedicated to helping you get more personal time by working smarter and learning faster.

You see, we have all 24 hours to invest each day (duh... 🙂 ).

I always wondered, how can it be that some people are so much better in achieving their goals, dreams and wants, while we, the rest, always seem to be in need of time.

Are you spending too much time working on your "musts", and not doing enough of the "wants"?

When you feel this is something that has to change, I am here for you.

In fact, forget about me. Think of this website as being a community of like-minded people who all have the desire to do more what they want, and getting the 'musts' out of the way as painless and fast as possible.

In real life, that means:

  • Making sure you do your work well within your normal 8 hours per day, or even better, do it in 5 hours
  • Having at least the same quality output/results of your work, but just doing it faster and feel more relaxed
  • Going home on time to enjoy family or personal time
  • Taking care of your work information much faster and without the usual stress
  • Reducing the time you now waste on studying and do this so fast you feel sad about the time you wasted before
  • Learning any material a lot faster by understanding the way your mind works (and saving hours per week with even better results)

NPF is here to help you achieve all this.

If you feel you like what you read, then I believe you should become part of this community of people.

Let's get started right now by giving you a simple framework for learning faster.

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See you on the other side!