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Understand 200 pages in 1 hour, without reading!

Amazing, isn't it!

You too can go through a book you've never read, and in 1 hour cover 200 pages. 

The result: you understand the content of your book without actually reading it. In fact, you know details of the book that you did not know before. You understand the structure of the book and the way the information is relevant to you.

Here's the beauty. You probably have enough knowledge after doing this to give a 5 to 10 minute presentation on that topic. Just because you followed the step by step directions.

This is how Frank became a believer

I remember the first time I met Frank. He was a busy guy. Working 50+ hours each week and studying to get his masters degree in engineering.

To top all that, he told me he and his wife just received their first baby, a boy. 

He loved what he was doing, the work, the studying, his wife and his baby boy, but...

there was no way he could manage all that and get at least a couple of hours of sleep each day.

He needed a solution, and he needed it fast! (exams were on their way...)

The simple solution that gave Frank hours back per day

I showed Frank the simple solution I teach to go through books in record time. First he was a little sceptic (OK, he was very sceptic...). But he  gave it a try...

Fast forward 45 minutes. 

He went through his book (about 125 pages), and he looked at me.

Then... a smile :-) a big smile :-))

He now saw that he too was able to do this. To transform 125 pages of his book into a simple, details rich, structured overview.

Needless to say, he went home a happy man. 

I remember his email that I received. He told me that he now did not have to study hours every evening. He was able to cover 100 pages of his book every evening in about 1.5 hours. 

His grades went up, study time was reduced, and he even had to spend less time at work on going through information.

Frank now loves his time with his family and is looking to graduate soon. 

You can succeed, too!

Here's what you get when you join the NeverPastFive community:

  • Learn to go through (study) books in record time
  • Quickly transform an overload of information in knowledge
  • Identify key concepts in documents and group information easily
  • How to grow your expertise FAST
  • Understand your habits and how you can make them work for you
  • How you can manage yourself and your time to reach your goals
  • Save hours per day by working smarter, not harder
  • Memorize information without breaking a sweat
  • Be the most productive person in the room
All of this, and more is waiting for you inside the NeverPastFive community. 
I look forward to meeting you there.
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